We live, breathe and are absolutely passionate about what we do! A huge amount of experience, know-how and creativity come with every effect job we execute and event we are apart of. You can rest assured that the results will be amazing! ShowFX operates across New Zealand providing all types of indoor and outdoor special FX. Flames, Co2, Confetti & Streamers, Sparks & more. Let us WOW your audience!

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Take your festival or show to the next level with ShowFX.

We have New Zealand's largest supply of Flame, Confetti, Streamer, Co2 & Smoke effects. We are constantly adding the latest and greatest effects machines to our inventory.

Our team of skilled FX technicians have the expertise and creativity to turn whatever you imagine, into reality.

ShowFX's extensive range of the latest & greatest special effects allows us to offer unique and exciting effects, never before seen in New Zealand.

Flames | Incorporating Flame Machines into your event are an easy way to visually enhance the production. We hold a diverse range of Flame machines including;

  • Galaxis G-Flames - 3m to 8m high flames. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • MagicFX Flameblazers - 6m to 10m high flames. Isopar fluid propelled. Dual ignitors for fast, responsive firing.
  • Hansol Sunshine Singles - Otherwise known as 'Five Finger' flame machines, these impressive liquid flame machines can fire fives simultaneously. 8m to 10m high flames. Coloured flames also available in green, red, blue, yellow, purple & orange.
  • Hansol Sunshine Multi - Similar to the Sunshine Single liquid flame machines however the Sunshine Multi can fire five different coloured flames simultaneously.

Co2 | Intense blasts of thick white smoke/steam that evaporate almost instantaneously look amazing. Our range of Co2 machines include;

  • MagicFX Jet II - compact, waterproof & powerful. Up to 8m high plumes of Co2.
  • LED Co2 Jets - vibrant plumes of Co2 lit by an LED ring at the base of the Co2 nozzle.

Confetti/Streamers | Create excitement and fun by adding confetti and streamers to your celebration, performance or event production. We have an array of confetti/streamer delivery machines, as well as a wide range of confetti/streamer colours and types including earth friendly bio-degradable confetti.

Sparks | Cold Spark Machines are a revolutionary product that produce a fantastic, non hazardous gerb / fountain style effect that visually looks similar to traditional stage fireworks, without the risk or pyro license requirements.

Talk to us today to find out how ShowFX can add the WOW factor to your festival or live music event.

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