Hansol Sunshine Single (Five Finger Flame Machine)

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Product description

The Sunshine Single Flame System can fire a single coloured flame or normal liquid flame. It has 5 individual flame jets, outputting impressive 10m high flames.

SFX fluid as well as Isopar G or H are used as main fuel and it is propelled with Nitrogen gas.

Onboard automatic re-strike flame safeguard and electrical ignition system helps insure a safe, reliable and efficient flame effect. The system can be programmed and controlled by DMX 512 controller.

  • Power - 187w
  • No. of Flame Jets - 5
  • Ignition - Pilot Flame
  • Pilot Fuel - Butane Canister
  • Main Fuel - Isopar (G, H or L), IPA or special SFX fluid
  • Fuel Consumption - 1L in 5 seconds per Flame Jet
  • Flame Height - 8 to 10m
  • Working Pressure - 20bar
  • Control - DMX512

Our Sunshine Flame units requires an FX Technician to operate.