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Product description

The Club Cannon ShoMaster DMX Controller is designed for SFX professionals looking to have total control of their FX products from 1 unit.

Built specifically for FX operators, this unit will allow you to trigger FX of all kinds. CO2 Jets, Confetti Blowers, Streamers, Fog, Haze, Sparks, and everything in between. The built in timers allow you to track CO2 use, taking the guess work out of tank changeovers. The timers can also be utilised as a reference for cues calling for a specified duration. A plug and play unit, designed to be used with any CO2 Jet or special FX product with DMX control. Simply link all of your products together with DMX cables, plug in to the controller, and you are ready to go. If your products don't use DMX, use the built in Neutrik True1 AC Outputs, and trigger your products directly from the ShoMaster.

There are several modes pre-programmed into the controller to suit the majority of FX products. These modes can be changed on the fly, using the built in touch screen. If you need a custom mode, no problem. The ShoMaster has 4 customisable modes, with 20 DMX channels each.